List of Hydrological Instruments


This is a Micro controller based Automatic Water Level Recorder reflect state of the art in micro controller based instrumentation design. The Water Level sensor can be attached with this data logger for the collection of real time data automatically. The micro controller has its internal memory along with an additional 128K EEprom, a real time clock with an LCD (16 X 2) to display the instrument status. Digital Water Level Recorder consist of a weatherproof enclosure which contains the data logger, level sensor and power supply, and comes complete with a solar panel and data shuttle. This system comes with three different sensor input combinations as per user requirement . Shaft Encoder type Level Sensor / Pressure type Level Sensor / Ultrasonic level Sensor.


The Levelogger Junior provides an inexpensive alternative for measuring groundwater and surface water levels. It combines a data logger, temperature sensor, pressure transducer, and 5-year battery, in a small, maintenance free, waterproof stainless steel housing. The Levelogger Junior features a non-volatile memory, with a capacity of 32,000 sets of temperature and water level data points. Readings are linear at a user-defined interval between 0.5 seconds to 99 hours. Accuracy is 0.1% FS, with a lifetime factory calibration.

Applications :

• Pump and slug tests. • Reservoir and storm water runoff management. • Watershed and drainage basin monitoring. • Stream gauging, lake and wetland monitoring. • Tank level measurement. • Monitoring water levels in wells and surface water.


Pygmy water Current Meter is used for Stream-flow measurements in shallow streams, flumes and small channels, where the velocity of water does not exceed 1m/sec. The principle of operation is based on the proportionality between the velocity of water and the resulting angular velocity of the meter rotor. By placing a current meter at a point in a stream by Wadding rod and counting the number of revolutions of the rotor during a measured interval of time, the velocity of water at that point is determined from the rating chart.

Applications : • For Measuring Water Velocities from 0.025 to 6.0 m/sec. • Streamlined and Robust NickelSilver Body. • Stainless Steel Axle. • Anodized Aluminum Propellers,3sizes. • Non-Contact Switching System -m Permanent Magnet and Reed Switch. • Special Sewer Model Available. • Unique Propeller Retainer.


The water level Indicator (Sounder) has been designed for water level measurements in streams, wells and up to 180 meters deep bore wells. It has a brass/steel probe connected with the shielded wire having markings at every meter. The dimension of the probe is such that it can easily be inserted in a gap of 2 centimeters. The wire is winded on a reel/spool, made of aluminum having a handle to fasten the wire. The probe is lowered into the stream or well or bore well, as the tip of the probe touches the surface of the water,. an in-built electronic circuit indicates contact with water by sounding a beep. Water acts as an electrolyte to complete the circuit. Depth is read from the attached cable and a measuring tape provided.


The suspended solids indicator is a state of the art, easy to use meter that provides many benefits to the plant operations staff. It is a unique system that combines advanced electronic with a solid –state, optical sensor. It is a multi-range indicator designed for the measurement of suspended solids in aqueous solutions. The microprocessor-based electronics of the indicator provide a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. Data logging and the ability to download the data directly to a computer are optional features. The indicator uses the model V5 sensor, which operates on the principal of single gap light absorption as the means of determining the concentrations typically found in aeration basins (1000 mg/L to 5000 mg/L) and RAS streams (7000 mg/L to 20,000 mg/L) of wastewater treatment plants. There are independent calibration point for each. Furthermore, a 15L low range sensor (0-1000 mg/L) is also available. The model V5 sensor was designed to measure very low solids concentrations typically found in secondary clarifier and plant effluents. The sensor utilizes and infrared emitter to minimize color effects and compensates for emitter variations due to temperature by measuring source brightness.


The B-56 Sounding Reel is used to position stream gaging and sample collection equipment. The reel is intended for either power or manual operation. The power drive, Model 3260, is an option and is described on the this page. The reel has 144 feet (43.9 meters) of 0.10-inch (0.25 cm) or 115 feet (35.1 m) of 0.125 inch (0.32 cm) cable. The reel is equipped with a USGS-type computing depth indicator which can be furnished to read in either English or metric units, and has a clutch for controlling free-fall speed of the sounding weight or sediment sampler.

Applications : The Model 3237 (Canadian) comes with a 4-digit counter which displays the depth digitally in centimeters. The reel is equipped with a ratchet and pawl which must be engaged to hold the metering or sampling equipment in position. The reel is provided with a removable two-position crank to enable manual operation, 0.10-inch (0.25 cm) cable and a steel trunk; and it is supplied with a Type B connector.


Cup or propeller type current meters are used for Stream-flow measurements in deep streams, and channels, where the velocity of water is more than 1m/sec. The principle of operation is based on the proportionality between the velocity of water and the resulting angular velocity of the meter rotor. By placing a current meter along with fish weight at a point in a stream by suspension cable and counting the number of revolutions of the rotor during a measured interval of time, the velocity of water at that point is determined from the rating chart.


This Micro-controller based Direct Velocity Indicator has been designed to measure the Velocity of water in a flowing stream. It uses the latest Microchip’s Micro-controller and can be used with any calibrated Water Current Meter. The velocity of water is calculated as per the calibration equation provided with the Sensor and displayed on the 16x2 LCD display. The Velocity Indicator consists of 4x1 membrane key pad mounted on the front panel. You can save up to 56 readings . Operates on 2 AA Size batteries.

Applications : • Microcontroller based. • Storage for 56 readings. • Stored in EEprom (Remains intact even if battery removed). • Retrieval of data through keyboard. • Programmable current meter equation with storage. • Programmable polarity (+ve or -ve) for constant in the eqN. • Range of multiplier: 0.0001 to 1.0000. • Range of constant: 0.0000 to 0.9999. • Programmable averaging time (1 to 100 secs). • Time out features for accidental press of function key (30 Sec). • Auto power off if current meter not connected and no key is pressed (10 Minutes). • Portable, hand-held easy to use. • Battery status indication.