Our Product List


Transit Vernier Theodolites

Motorised Soundless Sieve Shaker

Automatic Water Level Stage Recorders (Datalogger based)

Microprocessor based pH Meter

Optical Theodolite (Indian & Imported)

Motorised Rotap Sieve Shaker

Automatic Water Level Stage Recorders(24*7 Recording)

Microprocessor Conductivity Meter

Total Stations

Motorised Gyratory Sieve Shaker

Automatic Water Level Indicators

Digital pH Meter

Automatic Level

Wet Sieve Shaker

Water Level Indicators (Sounder)

Digital Conductivity Meter

Engineers ā€œUā€ type Level

Hand operated Sieve Shaker

Water Current Meters (Cup/Propellar/Pigmi)

Digital DO Meter

Tilting Level

Weighing Balance

Flow and Discharge Meter

Digital Turbidity Meter

Quick Setting Dumpy Level

Test Sieves Set (Brass/G.I./S.S)

Direct Velocity Indicators

Flame Photometer

Abney Level & Hand Level

Soil Resistivity Meter

Discharge Rods & Offset Rods

UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

Levelling Staff (Aluminium & Wooden)

Soil Moisture Meter

Sounding Rods & Bonning Rods

Water Analysis Kit

Telescopic Alidade/ Alidades

Infiltration Rings (Single & Double)

Gauging Reels/ Sounding Reels

Analytical Balance

Surveyor Compass

Augers/ Auger Drill

Hook Gauge & Pointer Gauge

Digital Temperature Meter

Prismatic Compass

Soil Core Sampler

River Gauge & Collection Wheel

Digital Temperature Recorder

Magnetic Compass

Split Spoon Sampler with liner

ā€œVā€ Notch & Flumes

Magnetic Stirrer

Brunton Compass

Soil Thermometer

Echo Sounder

Hot Plate/ Heating Mantle

Tangent Clinometer

Stirrer & Bottle Shakers

Wench/Crane for Water Current Meters

Water Bath

Altimeters and Padometers

Hot Air Oven

Porus Tube Piezometer (Casagranda)

Universal Oven

Haga Altimeter (for Tree Height)

Soil Permiability Operators

Pitot Tube with Manometer

Incubators/ BOD Incubators

Adjustable Cross Staff

Pocket Pentrometer

Orifice Meter & Venturi Meter

Distillation Apparatus

Sight Vanes & Sextant

Infra-red Moisture Balance

Colony Counter

Plane Table with accesories

Rapid Moisture Meter

Depth Water Sampler

Ceylone Ghat Tracer

Soil Density Test Apparatus

Dissolved Oxygen Bottle Sampler

Planimeter (Indian & Imported)

Soil Hydrometers

Laboratory Glasswares

Ranging Rods & Measuring Tapes

Soil pH Meter

Laboratory Plasticwares

Measuring Chains/ Steel Bends

Survey Umbrella/ Garden Umbrella

Mirror & Pocket Stereoscopes

Arial Photographs





Compression Testing Machines

Automatic Weather Station

Station Pointer

Silt/ Sediment Sampler

Soil Density Test Apparatus

Automatic Rain Gauges

Vertical Drafting Machine

Punjab Bottle Sampler

Rapid Moisture Meter

Self Recording Rain Gauges

Horizontal Drafting Machine

USDH-48 Suspended Sediment Sampler

Aggregate Impact Tester

Non Recording Rain Gauges

Draftsman Chair

Depth Integrating Sediment Sampler(USDH 49, 59 USP 61 etc.)

Slump Cone/ Slump Test Apparatus

Snow Gauges & Snow Poles

Ammonia Printing Machine

Point Integrating sediment Samplers

Core Cutter with Dolly & Rammer

Stevenson Screens all sizes

Ferro Printing Frame with Glass plate

Bed Load Sampler

Liquid Limit Device

Sun Shine Recorder

Tracing Table

Bed Material Sampler

Shrinkage limit Apparatus

Open Evaporation Pan (Copper/G.I.)

Edge Binding Machine

Bed Sediment Corer

Vicat Needle Apparatus

Automatic Evaporation Rate Recorder

Drawing Boards

Automatic Silt Sediment Recorder

Hot Air Oven

Automatic Evaporation Rate Indicator

Drawing Board Trestles

Automatic Silt Sediment Indicator

Cube Moulds/ Beam Moulds

Max.-Min. Thermometers

Mini Drafters

Puris Siltometer

Beam Testing Machine

Dry-Wet Bulb Thermometers

Drawing Instrument Box

Soil Hydrometers

Grain size Analysis Apparatus

Thermographs/ Thermo-Hygrographs

Stencil Sets/ French Curves

Digital Turbidity Meter

Marshall Hammer

Digital Thermo-hygrometer

Concrete Test Hammer

Anemometer/ Digital Anemometer

Torsion Testing Machine

Wind Speed Recorder

Vane Sheer Test Apparatus

Wind Vane/ Wind Direction Indicator

Atmospheric Pressure Indicator

Atmospheric Pressure Recorder

Aneroid Barometers & Barograph